So you’ve come to a point in your developer where you seem to be repeating and/or copy~pasting the same piece of code across multiple projects. It could be some utility functions that are really helpful for the way you like to do things in code or it could a set of typescript types, you wish your frontend and backend code to share — whatever the case you’ll probably want to create your own npm package.

If you’ve landed here by chance, you might ask, “Why not use” If you don’t mind your package to be public, sure, by all…

Picture the scenario — you want to make a request to your API every time the user enters a value in an input and you do not want them to have to press a button every time they want to trigger search.

Instead, you wish to make the request when the user stops typing, but not on each keypress so that there is not an undue strain on the API and also user is not presented with a flickering result list.

The requirements for the solution are as follows:

  • Controlled input is used
  • Search request is only made when user…

Token validation with AWS Cognito and NestJS
Token validation with AWS Cognito and NestJS

In this article, we’ll learn how to validate access tokens issued by AWS Cognito. Validating access tokens is needed to ensure that the data encoded inside the token is valid.

This is the second article in the three-part series about authentication with AWS and NestJS. Please read this first, if you have not already:

as we will continue with the same codebase here.


Currently, our user pool has no users and the fastest way to do that is to implement a registration endpoint in our NestJS App. To do that, we’ll add a “register” method to our AuthController:

Register method…

If you have landed here after a couple of incomplete guides on how to implement AWS Cognito into a NestJS application, then I hope you’re in luck as I will try to fill in the gaps you might have.

Let us start from the very beginning.

Set up AWS Cognito account

Head over to and sign in with your AWS account.

Then type in Cognito in the search box and click on the only search result there:

This made top of my new year’s resolution list. Making new year’s resolutions is an emotional thing, at least for me it is. I get all sentimental, acutely aware of my flaws and start writing down the silliest of things, but whatever’s on there after that emotional (and otherwise) high has worn off, is binding. So, 2019 — let’s make me a better developer, shall we?

Where to start?

First, I need to establish the metrics for measuring how good a developer is, find out whether any one set of metrics can be used for all developers or is it a personal thing…

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